We are a group of people who help other people as volunteers in various organizations in Trujillo-Peru. During work, where ideas are usually exchanged and we fraternize, we discovered our disagreement with the conventional system that Nonprofit Organizations managed and did not cause a tangible positive impact on the communities.

For this reason, we decided to create an organization that really assists the needs of the population with a cosmopolitan world approach, where we learn to value each culture, person, and idea with the purpose of working in our BEING to achieve prosperity. Since then, we have been carrying out an arduous work together with the neediest communities, through social and educational programs for the sake of their development and self-realization.

Our Team

Jonathan Aguirre H.


Director of Peru Big Heart, Jonathan has studied odontology and post-graduate courses. He has been working as a dental surgeon since 2012, and supporting social aid organizations in Oral Health and Education programs since 2013 up to present.
In the 2016 edition, Jonathan was one of the winners of the National Business Plans Program with his patent in the area of oral health.
Jonathan is fully convinced of the positive change that it can operate in our BEING to achieve prosperity, and grow as a person every day.

Grace Kanzenbach

Coordinadora de voluntarios

Grace Kanzenbach es el Coordinador de voluntarios de Perú Big Heart, ella visito el Perú en el verano de 2015 y enseñó a Inglés a niños y niñas en Trujillo, Perú. Los niños hicieron un impacto tan en Grace que ella está haciendo lo que puede dar a través de trabajo de Perú Big Heart! En la actualidad, Grace tiene una licenciatura en trabajo social, es un trabajador social certificado por el estado de Wisconsin en los Estados Unidos y está terminando el grado académico de magister en trabajo social. Grace tiene 3 años de experiencia trabajando con en el riesgo de jóvenes y adultos en los Estados Unidos.
Ha trabajado con el recientemente con personas refugiadas, víctimas de violencia doméstica, falta de vivienda, los niños en el sistema de cuidado de crianza, con personas en la prisión, así como también trabaja con individuos en el sistema de Justicia Penal con enfermedades mentales graves. Grace espera para que todos los voluntarios tengan la experiencia más segura y más influyente mientras trabajaba en el Perú. ¡Bienvenidos todos!

Arturo Deza


Professional graduated from the Tourism career of the National University of Trujillo. He worked as an Guide of Tourism at the Municipality of Trujillo. He also served as a tour guide in several travel agencies.
He was a volunteer in several NGO's of Trujillo, and is a broad expert on the local and national tourist reality. His relationship with the field of tourism makes him a person with expertise in social relations and a person suitable to interact with national and foreign people.

Kevin Rebaza B.


Kevin is a Computer technician and Informatica,He studied the full lenguaje course ,graphic design and musician. He is currently studing the specialty of Wired and wireless network connections.
Since some years ago He have been participating as a volunteer in several NGOs dedicated to the social help improving his international relationships with a fluent English. The experience that He got there and the good relationships with local and international people asosiated with these social support guarantees He is a good optionto do a good job in favor to the most needy. The vision's Kevin is to give a good life's quality to all people who need it and teach them that it's much better to give than to recieve.


Peru Big Heart is a serious organization committed to our volunteers and to the people that make up the communities we work with, for this reason we ensure their well-being and integrity at all times.

We offer our volunteers all the necessary facilities so that they can take home the best of the experiences working with us.

Our volunteer coordinator is in charge of guiding, assisting and attending to any situation that compromises the welfare and interests of our volunteers and those of the organization.

In addition, Peru Big Heart cares to make available for our volunteers all possible facilities to maximize their comfort, proof of this are our recently implemented laundry services, dental and medical care for volunteers in special cases. Our strategic agreements with other organizations also allow us to offer our volunteers discounts in salsa and bachata schools, surfing lessons, Spanish, and more.