We are looking for proactive and enthusiastic volunteers, With a positive mind to our projects and together achieve new goals. Volunteering in South America can be a challenging experience, but our team of Volunteer Coordinators will help you adapt to your volunteer role and become familiar with the area.

Each of the programs is directed by a team of qualified professionals who will work with you directly, which will allow you to develop the necessary skills to offer a quality service to the children and families with whom we work.

In addition, Trujillo is a fantastic city with a millenary history that is located on the north coast of Peru. We encourage our volunteers to participate in cultural activities, field trips, and outdoor outings, activities that we regularly organize for them to have a great experience in Peru!


These are the volunteer opportunities that we currently have, however, soon we will open more posts

Opportunities with minimum commitment (4 weeks)

  • English Teacher
  • Language and communication teacher
  • Dental Volunteer
  • Volunteer in Useful Vacation Sports
  • Volunteer in "Help the Younger Brother"

Long-term opportunities from 6 months

  • Volunteer coordinator


If you have decided to apply for a volunteer position with us, please download our Volunteer Application Form according to the following indications.

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1) Send the duly completed from to volunteer@perubigheart.org

Download form
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Our team will respond to your request within a maximum of 2 business days. If requested, a Skype interview will be conducted to clarify any doubts that any of the parties may have.

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We will keep in touch with you to guide you through the application and post-application process. Please, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at info@perubigheart.org


Peru Big Heart is a small self-sustaining organization. Monthly we face expenses related to the accommodation of our volunteers, purchase of materials, payment of salaries and other expenses that allow our organization to continue working for the benefit of the most needy. Much of our funding comes from the contributions of our volunteers.

In return, we offer our volunteers all the facilities available to make your stay a rewarding experience. The amount of the contribution helps to cover the administrative and operational expenses that allow the operation of the programs.

Importe de contribución Monto
1st month $ 290 USD
2nd month - 3rd month $ 248 USD
4th month - plus $ 223 USD

Keep in mind that the entire amount must be paid in new soles as soon as the volunteer is accommodated in our volunteer house. None of the contribution rates includes food or mobility within the city. However, the volunteer has availability of the kitchen, living room and shared environments of the house, as well as the implements with which they count.

Accommodation: the volunteer house is strategically located within the city and has wifi, hot water, laundry, kitchen with implements, living room, etc. Generally the rooms are shared, but this will depend on the flow of volunteers. If you have any special requirements, you can contact us.

Additionally, we offer the possibility of staying with a local family, upon request of the volunteer.

Please, if you have any questions or queries, please let us know info@perubigheart.org


The most common way to get to Lima from abroad is by air. From Lima, we recommend traveling to Trujillo by bus, these are cheaper than flights, they are very comfortable, they can be purchased online and it only takes around 9 hours. Although if you prefer to fly, the flight will take less than an hour.
Although the climate of Lima can be quite humid, Trujillo and Lima are located within one of the driest deserts in the world. There are only two marked seasons: summer and winter.
In the summer, (December - April) the temperatures climb to 80 ° F (27 ° C) during the day and 70 ° F (21 ° C) during the night, although the intensity of the sun and the high humidity make the heat feels even more intense.
In the winter, (June - October) the climate changes and the skies are dyed a more grayish cloudy and the air becomes humid. The highest temperatures during fall and winter rise to 65 ° F (18 ° C) and drop to 50 ° F (12 ° C). Although these temperatures are relatively low, the high humidity makes the thermal sensation lower.
Unfortunately not, the contribution rate includes accommodation in the volunteer house and other expenses generated by the operation of the program such as the purchase of materials, payment of salaries, etc.
However, the volunteer has access to all the common areas of the house, including the kitchen, where he has a space to prepare his own food and refrigerate it.
It depends on the flow of volunteers. If this is an important point for you, please ask if there are individual rooms available info@perubigheart.org
It is not necessary, it depends on your project. Each project has its requirements on the level of Spanish, from nothing to advanced. Check the requirements for the project that interests you. If you want or need to improve your Spanish, Peru Big Heart can help you organize private classes.
In Peru Big Heart we are waiting for donations from our volunteers to finance our operations together with events and donations to manage our PBH projects. The other expenses are office costs, legal and accounting fees, transportation, etc.

In addition to the following benefits:

  • Help and help: You collaborate with people who really need it, but this help you give is reciprocal. You feel useful and they will appreciate your involvement. This is what volunteering contributes the most.
  • You learn from different people: You know many people from different environments and environments; your mind opens to new points of view that you had not contemplated; you learn not to be guided by the first impression and not to judge anyone without knowing it previously. Everyone at some point in our life needs help.
  • It gratifies you on a personal level: There's nothing that makes you more happy the day you see that your work and your advice have helped someone to improve their life and they also thank you.
  • It serves to have an active mind: Doing a specific activity causes your head to generate more and more ideas that may be useful to you. Connecting with other people can lead you to new professional contacts, it is another way of networking and publicizing your way of working.
  • You gain experience: Volunteering allows you to learn, either through courses and training, collaborating on specific projects, leisure time activities with children or adults, etc. or you can even discover a new vocation or ability.
  • You can take advantage of it to reflect it in your CV: Volunteering allows you to show that you are an active and committed person, a fact that can be of great value to a recruiter.