Help for the Younger Brother

Canine Shelter Program

One of the major social problems that activists for animal rights confront is the overpopulation of domestic animals (dogs and cats) and the sad reality that happens in these streets.

It is really sad that in our country 60% of people don’t believe it is important to be responsible for their own pets because they continue thinking of them as temporary uses to guard the house, so that they have children which can be sold, to train, as a toy for the kids, etc.

There are also people who when they want a pet go to the pet shop to buy one instead of adopting them for a shelter or rescuing them from the street. Then later when they are no longer useful or they are bored with them they abandon them in the streets.

A lot of people think that street animals will survive in one way or another, but that is not true. That is an easy way out that allows many people to ignore the cruel reality of the overpopulation of domestic animals. Street animals do not survive their misery. On the contrary, they suffer from hunger, thirst, sickness, and abuse. No street animal (dog or cat) lasts more than two years on the street; they end up being run over, poisoned, or they die of hunger and scabies.

Due to this situation, another major symptom of the problem is euthanasia for these animals that can’t find a home (there is none worse than the street). The only effective and ethical solution is the massive sterilization campaigns (approved by the government) and EDUCATION, something that we can all take part in.

How? Informing people about the causes of this problem. The government is not the only guilty party, but also those that don’t sterilize their pets, who buy animals, the animal breeders, those who discriminate against mutts, etc.

Because of this, if you really feel compassion and respect for these defenseless animals, take on the responsibility to rescue them from the streets and offer them a decent home filled with love, care, and respect. Or support in educational efforts of animal activist organizations. Throwing out a few crumbs to a street animal or feeling sorry for them for a few minutes isn’t going to help the problem at all.