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Today, in Peru we have a major problem with public health: 35.2% of people older than 15 years old are overweight or obese, and of that population almost 58.2% are women and 61.6% live on the coast (ENDES 2015). (ENDES is one of the most important statistical research program executed by the National Institute of Statistics and Information- INEI). In spite of all of this, until just two years ago the physical education course in public high schools throughout the country was only two-hour lessons and there were almost always given without using methodology. Add to all of this the lack of value placed on high level competitive sports, the underdeveloped physical education programs in universities, and the limited infrastructure and opportunities for these activities.

Physical exercise is intimately connected to the evolution of human beings. The first men that walked long distances to find food used energy and force to hunt and grow food and had to remain agile in order to protect themselves from outside threats. These activities involved a use of energy that later was recovered by the food they ate. Nevertheless, due to the technological progress that has taken over the majority of our tasks, the lifestyles of people were modified.

The advantage of Physical Education is that it is operated on different levels. All of the courses given in high school in some way or another improve your personal growth but Physical Education touches on physical development, psychological development, and social development which prepares the person for whichever future endeavor they pursue. “Physical activity, as shown in many scientific investigations, improves brain function, increases neuron connections, and releases hormones that stimulate concentration which all improves and speeds up learning.”