English world

Educational Program
The importance of the English language has become crucial in recent years when it comes to looking for better job and educational opportunities.

Its not a secret to anyone that academic teachings are deficient in Peru. With that in mind, what can we say about the education of the English language in our nation? It’s not strange to think that English is not natural for the kids, teenagers, or adults in Peru. In Peru, only 11% of high school students know English, and with only basic knowledge at that, according to statistics from the Ministry of Education. The majority of this 11% have studied in high schools with exorbitant school fees or in other words for the schools that are for the wealthy. What does that mean? That students with English fluency, which allows them to mix in easily from the rest, belong to a privileged social class and are exempt from economic need.

Therefore, it’s worth saying that English is an option in Peru when it should be considered a necessity. That is the reason that we have created the program “English World” with the mission of covering this need for children and providing them access to a better education.

Nevertheless, English teaching in Peru does not start until adolescence and even then, it is not very intensive. At the end of high school there are very few students that are able to learn the language. According to the organization Education First, Peru places 45 out of 72 countries for the level of English language knowledge, which is a low ranking in this category

The objective of the program is to guide the children in their English language learning, providing them a solid base and the fundamental knowledge needed to navigate in this important language. We have a variety of teaching resources in order to create a fun classroom environment for the children to enjoy while they learn.