Bright Smiles

Oral Health Program

One of the most frequent oral dental diseases is tooth cavities according to the World Health Organization (WHO) affecting between 60% and 90% of school aged kids from 5 to 17 years old according to a report from the Organization of Panamaerican health (OPS) for this population the CPOD index varies between 1.08 to 8.3 with an average of 4.4 these values show problems still not solved (1-3). In Peru, dental cavities are also one of the most prevalent diseases, increasing in seriousness as individuals ages. Therefore, the cost of the treatment will be higher as individuals age due to the lack of oral health in their first years of life which is a result of limited access to health services and inadequate prevention practices.

Dental cavities affect 95% of Peruvians due to a lack of good hygiene habits and malnutrition with a diet that is based mainly on carbohydrates, flour, and sweets, especially for the children in Peru. According to various reports, the rate of cavities in 12-year olds is approximately 5.86 which shows that not only does Peru have the highest rate in the Americas, the presence of dental cavities also increases as people age. This is the reason that as people age they are left partially or completely toothless. Our program, “Bright Smiles” focuses on PREVENTATIVE MEASURES (such as the use of a toothbrush, tooth paste, floss, mouth wash, informative talks, etc) and RESTORATIVE MEASURES such as simple and complex restorations including dental extractions and others.